Cockfighting appeared on earth 6000 years ago, and has become one of the most popular sport in the world.

The first cockfighting Game
In the World

Cockfighting appeared on earth 6000 years ago, and has become one of the most popular sport in the world. That being said, there is no video game about cockfighting that have ever been developed. “Rooster Battle“ project started in 2013 and quickly gained a lots of attention from cockfighting lovers all over the world. This year, we are proud to remake this game into a decentralized PvP game

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Decentralized Pvp Game

We created Rooster Battle with one sole purpose: To become a fully decentralized PvP game. Every battle in this game will be Player versus Player. Similar to the real cockfighting game, you need to raise your roosters, and fight with other players. There is no PvE, PvG mode in this game. The game is fully decentralized, and we do not have any centralize backend server for the game. Every battle will happen on blockchain, and the game logic is open source.

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Decentralized Entertaiment experience

No centralized backend serverd allows all items and character to forever belong to the players. The game client is open source project, so anyone can re-create Rooster Battle with their own rules, and host their own tournaments. We will release the documents to help developer community to create new rules and new tournament for Rooster Battle

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Cockfighting appeared on earth 6000 years ago, and has become one of the most popular sport in the world.

  • Website launching
  • Beta play Season 1 on testnet Private sale IDO
  • Public sale
  • Game launching on mainet
  • Normal battle
  • Marketplace
  • Season 2 of the game launching
  • More roosters and items on the game unlocked
  • Farming
  • Enhanced roosters
  • Guild mode
  • Boss mode
  • Custom mode made by community
  • Custom mode made by community
  • Game merchandising
  • Comic/animated series with more story focus


  • Strategic Sales 24 000 000(8%) Pre-Sales 21 000 000(7%) Staking 28 260 000(9.4%) Play & Earn 120 000 000(40%)
  • Core team & Developing 60 000 000(20%) Marketing & Airdrop 27 000 000(9%) Partners 10 500 000(3.5%) Dex liquidity 8 820 000(2.94%)
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Core Team & Developing
Strategic Sales
Marketing & Airdrop
Dex Liquidity


Duong Nguyen Khanh

Main Architect

12 years experience in mobile game development. 18 years experience in comic creator. International award-wining comic writer. Founder and CEO of Comicola, Vietnamese No. 1 comic company

Ha Doan Ngoc

Tech Lead Manager

15 years of experience in IT development and management. Startups founder. First million dollars WordPress developer in VN, 20k+ customers worldwide

Thu Nguyen Ngoc

CCO, Community Manager

Founder and CEO of Startee JSC, leading print-on-demand company in Vietnam. 5 years experience in customer service.

Kumi Ho

Business Development

Marketing Community, Founder Board Game Việt, Founder Gamize JSC, Style Up Board Game Designer, Project Owner Sử Hộ Vương Trading Card

sponsors / advisors

  • chainverse
  • canary software
  • comicola
  • retech
  • vncapital
  • vncapital